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1/3/14 | La Vanguardia

Call2world gets € 500,000 to take its business to France and the United States

Call2world is a new Spanish telephone company created a few months ago by 36 year old businessman and entrepreneur Manuel Garriga, who has 15 years experience in the industry.  Following a short trail period, the company began billing last November. Now it just got an investment of a half million Euros to take its business to France and the United States in 2014, and is already exploring the possibility of entering Asia and Germany in 2015.

According to what Garriga told the La Vanguardia newspaper “this investment is needed to partner with local operators in each country, unify services, create applications and CRM, obtain a CMT license (Telecommunications Market Commission) and establish a marketing system”.

In the words of Garriga “we had clearly detected the challenges that big operators present to their customer: offering poor service and forcing them to take long-term contracts.  We had to take advantage of the big operators’ unfilled gap in service, like roaming, international calls, and integrating two numbers on one device”.  With this view of the market Call2world launched a business model last October which consisted of “providing flexible phone solutions for the services that the big operators applied multiple contractual conditions, such as obscure rates and complicated activation fees”. After a month of testing, the company officially began working in November, offering its customers up to 70% off of the rate they had contracted up until then with the big operators.

The company that contracts the services only has to install an app in its telephone terminal and access it to make a call. International calls are made through a local number and are competitively priced at a cost that does not increase.  By offering services that adapt to company needs, like the possibility of having a personal and business number on the same terminal and offering competitively priced flat rates for international calls, Call2world hasn´t had to wait long for a satisfactory response, and it already has important clients like Privalia, Trovit, I-Neumáticos, Lifestyle and Cooltra.

The company currently has four employees, but it plans to end the year 2014 with more than a half million Euros in revenue.



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